Be aware of your carbon footprint

Fertilize more efficiently and more ecologically

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Up to 90% less fertilizer

Luisa Tranquilli - Head of sustainability area 2A GROUP

What is Ecomethod?

Fertilization method that benefits foliar nutrition to the maximum

The high absorptive capacity of the leaf allows the plant to absorb a large amount of nutrients.

By applying nutrients directly to the leaf, you use less fertilizer – with reductions up to 90% – without sacrificing yield or quality.

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Our customers' CO2 emissions have been reduced
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thanks to Ecomethod

Reduction of carbon footprint

Rational and balanced use of fertilizers

No contamination of groundwater

Win-win situation
“The result has been excellent over the years, both in the vineyard and in production. With ECOMETHOD we are fulfilling the main objective: more respect for the environment and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.”
- Ana Martín - Palacios de Bornos

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