What is Ecomethod

In short
Ecomethod is a fertilization method that makes maximum use of foliar nutrition. The leaf absorbs easily and quickly, allowing the plant to absorb a large amount of nutrients. By bringing nutrients directly to the leaf, you use less fertilizer - with reductions of up to 90% - without compromising on harvest or quality.

Reduction of carbon footprint

Rational and balanced use of fertilizers

No contamination of groundwater

Efficient CO2 reduction


It is a fertilization method that, thanks to targeted foliar applications, reduces the need for traditional fertilizers and thereby reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

What is ecological footprint

The carbon footprint measures the negative contribution of human activities to the greenhouse effect, expressed in units of equivalent carbon dioxide (CO2eq). Greenhouse gases contribute negatively to climate change.
A clear food label that mentions the reduction of CO2 emissions promotes the purchase of low-carbon products. The choices we make at the table have a major impact on climate change. Consumers are becoming more aware of this and want to make well-considered choices.

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What is the aim of ECOMETHOD?

  • Ensuring a good harvest and high-quality agricultural products
  • Achieve a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.
green deal

Why choose Ecomethod?

Because everyone has to take responsibility for the current and future generations.

With its new agricultural policy, the EU will reward companies that are committed to more sustainable agricultural practices. Those who adapt and anticipate have an advantage. The Green Deal will be a matter for every farmer.

The effect of Ecomethod is instant, large and durable. We create lower greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.

The CO2 emissions of our clients have been reduced
up until
0 ton
thanks to Ecomethod!


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Win-win situation
“The result has been excellent over the years, both in the vineyard and in production. With ECOMETHOD we are fulfilling the main objective: more respect for the environment and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.”
- Ana Martín - Palacios de Bornos
Rueda - SPAIN
323.5 ha
Vineyards of Bornos: DO Rueda, DO Toro, DO Ribera del Duero